Reek of the Week: New York City

I spent seven hours this week in New York City. For someone with a hyper keen sense of smell, that translates into six hours fifty-nine minutes of olfactory overload. There were so many odors and layers of odors: myriad colognes mixed with all stages of decaying garbage swirling with aromas of truckloads of foods cooking. It was a non-stop bombardment of smells every bit as captivating, headache- and nausea-inducing as watching … [Read More...]


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smell receptor image

How does the olfactory sense work?

You breathe in deep, and you might get a whiff of shampoo or maybe stale coffee breath on the person next to you. It's the kind of … [Read More...]



How to ask for a fragrance policy

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Happy Thanksgiving

Taking the holiday off. Hope yours is filled with wonderful aromas! … [Read More...]