Tail of woe

Around the crack of dawn I was dreaming about sliding across a wood floor in my socks in an Adam-Sandler-does-ballet kind of way, when into the dream slunk a skunk. I stop sliding and stare at the furry black creature whose stubby legs reminded me of corgies, those Scottish herding dogs upon whom breeders imprinted their cruel sense of irony. The skunk reeks of musk so funky that it makes my eyes burn--my common chemical sense … [Read More...]


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What’s behind my gift of sniff?

In real life, I am someone who went from suffering daily allergies and popping cetirizine (aka Zyrtec) like breath mints to someone … [Read More...]



First US fragrance policy at work turns 10

Peggy Wolf is a nurse and member of the organization Healthcare without Harm. She advocated for the first fragrance-free policy in the … [Read More...]


Happy Thanksgiving

Taking the holiday off. Hope yours is filled with wonderful aromas! … [Read More...]