What does the moon smell like?

I've never smelled moondust, and I was intrigued by this question posted at Nasa.gov: What does the moon smell like? Gunpowder, according to Apollo 17 astronaut Gene Cernan. The closest I've come to smelling moondust was on a recent visit to meteor research lab at the University of California San Diego. The scientist (who asked to remain anonymous because his lab contains several highly valuable pieces of meteors and asteroids) … [Read More...]


Dogs sniff differences in identical twins

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Smell impacts first impression

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Island Scene: Smell loss important signal

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Smell-O-Vision coming to TV and gaming

Scented entertainment has been a dream for decades, and formally flopped in 1960 with the release in movie theaters of AromaRama and … [Read More...]


Waterford, Conn, joins cities with fragrance bans

Policies limiting or banning the use of fragrance is a growing policy trend that we've been following closely. Today Waterford, Conn, … [Read More...]



Walking the dogs after lunch we stroll  past a diner not far from where we live. It's the kind of place that serves meatloaf and mashed … [Read More...]