Cream and lotions spoil after a year

I reached into the back of the medicine cabinet and discovered a tube of hair grooming cream. It wasn't exactly ancient; I remember buying it around the time of my wedding, which was about four years ago. The tube was more than half full. I decided to pop open the cap and take a sniff. … [Read More...]


Dogs sniff differences in identical twins

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Smell impacts first impression

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Fragrance makes nightclubbers party harder

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Contraceptives erase natural odor signals

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smell receptor image

How does the olfactory sense work?

You breathe in deep, and you might get a whiff of shampoo or maybe stale coffee breath on the person next to you. It's the kind of … [Read More...]


poll should you wear scented products at work

Should you wear scented products to work?

Employers have begun asking workers to refrain from wearing and using scented personal and cleaning products at work. Now there are at … [Read More...]


Smell of the first snow of the season in New England

First snow of the season in New England

Today the first snow of the season fell in New England. It was a surprise: the forecast called for rain. I poked my head outside to see … [Read More...]