Which sense to super power?

"I'd rather have super sight than super smell," declared my husband, Adam, over tea and toast this morning. He paused, sipping his jasmine pearls, then went on, "or super hearing or super taste or super touch. With anything but super sight, you'd be so sensitive. It would be too overwhelming." "Yes, overwhelming," I grinned as I caught whiff of a fart just let out by the dog next door that drifted over our eight-foot tall fence. She … [Read More...]



NYTimes: Zinc nasal spray may harm smell

Users of a popular cold remedy have reported damage to the sense of smell, and … [Read More...]

Aromatic map of stinkiest block in NYC

What's that stink? is the question that writer Molly Young asks of two olfactory … [Read More...]

Dogs sniff differences in identical twins

When parents and DNA tests can't tell twins apart, a highly trained German … [Read More...]

Smell impacts first impression

Do your hands smell like onions? Flowers? Nothing at all? Smell manipulates … [Read More...]



Recalled atorvastatin (Lipitor) reeks of mold

The pharmaceutical company, Pfizer, has recalled another 38,000 bottles of its popular cholesterol-lowering medication, Lipitor, … [Read More...]



Axe may get the ax at high school

Read "Axe Cologne" and what comes to mind? Possibly an image of high school guys doused in the stuff hoping to attract girls. This week … [Read More...]


Red light

It’s almost dark as I walk the dogs around the neighborhood. A light rain has just started to drip. It smells like it’s falling from a … [Read More...]