Which sense to super power?

"I'd rather have super sight than super smell," declared my husband, Adam, over tea and toast this morning. He paused, sipping his jasmine pearls, then went on, "or super hearing or super taste or super touch. With anything but super sight, you'd be so sensitive. It would be too overwhelming." "Yes, overwhelming," I grinned as I caught whiff of a fart just let out by the dog next door that drifted over our eight-foot tall fence. She … [Read More...]


Man lost smell, then taste

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Smell impacts first impression

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Olfaction differences between the sexes

Can women detect smells better than men? The short answer is yes, but only for specific types of odorants, according researchers who … [Read More...]


Waterford, Conn, joins cities with fragrance bans

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Smelling the past

I cracked open an ancient text, my high school yearbook. The pages appear in black and white, except for the color senior photos, which … [Read More...]