Red light

It’s almost dark as I walk the dogs around the neighborhood. A light rain has just started to drip. It smells like it’s falling from a hot, dusty sky located way up above the cloud cover I’ve been under all day. I’ve spent enough time above the clouds staring out airplane windows that it’s easy to imagine the entirely separate weather up there. Weather seen only by migrating birds and people in planes. Up above the clouds it's bright … [Read More...]


Dogs sniff differences in identical twins

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Do scented candles cause harm?

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Aromatic map of stinkiest block in NYC

What's that stink? is the question that writer Molly Young asks of two olfactory … [Read More...]


NGT Real Travel: Smell makes better memories

One way to make travel more memorable is by paying more attention to … [Read More...]



Lose smell, keep taste

When we're sick with stuffy noses, we don't smell or taste much of anything. This experience forms the basis for a common misconception … [Read More...]


fragrance is a common ingredient in most consumer products

Portland now first US city to voluntarily ban fragrance

The city council of Portland, OR,on February 24  passed a fragrance-free policy that discourages public workers from wearing scented … [Read More...]



Fake Christmas scent tree leaves a waxy coating

I've been on smellcation for almost a week now, and I'm starting to wonder about what else I want to do while I can't smell a darn … [Read More...]