Reek of the Week: New York City

I spent seven hours this week in New York City. For someone with a hyper keen sense of smell, that translates into six hours fifty-nine minutes of olfactory overload. There were so many odors and layers of odors: myriad colognes mixed with all stages of decaying garbage swirling with aromas of truckloads of foods cooking. It was a non-stop bombardment of smells every bit as captivating, headache- and nausea-inducing as watching … [Read More...]


Smell impacts first impression

Do your hands smell like onions? Flowers? Nothing at all? Smell manipulates … [Read More...]

Dogs sniff differences in identical twins

When parents and DNA tests can't tell twins apart, a highly trained German … [Read More...]

Contraceptives erase natural odor signals

There is a growing body of evidence that suggests birth control pills and other … [Read More...]

Fragrance makes nightclubbers party harder

Music and lights are the typical mood modifiers found in nightclubs, but … [Read More...]


Common chemical sense

I've heard of common sense, but common chemical sense? Turns out that the human sense of smell includes a third pathway, called the … [Read More...]


fragrance is a common ingredient in most consumer products

Portland now first US city to voluntarily ban fragrance

The city council of Portland, OR,on February 24  passed a fragrance-free policy that discourages public workers from wearing scented … [Read More...]


Citrus cleaner

The lime tree potted in my front yard has started to bare fruit. I picked a ripe lime and carried it to my kitchen for squeezing into a … [Read More...]