Red light

It’s almost dark as I walk the dogs around the neighborhood. A light rain has just started to drip. It smells like it’s falling from a hot, dusty sky located way up above the cloud cover I’ve been under all day. I’ve spent enough time above the clouds staring out airplane windows that it’s easy to imagine the entirely separate weather up there. Weather seen only by migrating birds and people in planes. Up above the clouds it's bright … [Read More...]



NYTimes: Zinc nasal spray may harm smell

Users of a popular cold remedy have reported damage to the sense of smell, and … [Read More...]

Smell impacts first impression

Do your hands smell like onions? Flowers? Nothing at all? Smell manipulates … [Read More...]


Science Daily: Training improves sense of smell

Most people with a great sense of smell aren't born with it. Rather, they learn … [Read More...]


NGT Real Travel: Smell makes better memories

One way to make travel more memorable is by paying more attention to … [Read More...]


Super sense combines smell with taste

Our senses of smell and taste are anatomically different senses, with smell detection happening in the nose and taste happening on the … [Read More...]


A generation of young business people in Halifax are fragrance-free at work

Halifax celebrates 20 years fragrance free

In 2011 Halifax marks its 20th anniversary as the first city in North America to go fragrance free at work. The idea started in a local … [Read More...]


Scentinelle, where are you?

Dear Scentintelle, I'm back from vacation, but you're not. Where are you? Are you coming back? Without you, life is dull. There is so … [Read More...]