Signs of an olfactory comeback

I have all but given up on my fierce olfactory sense returning. But then something strange happened. I was on an airplane a few days ago, and I could smell that a woman seated a several rows behind me was wearing Herbal Essences shampoo. I could also smell that the toddler seated in the aisle across from me had wiped her hands with lavendar-scented diaper wipes (imagine a swimming pool with wilted roses floating on top). Does this mean … [Read More...]



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Dogs sniff differences in identical twins

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What’s behind my gift of sniff?

In real life, I am someone who went from suffering daily allergies and popping cetirizine (aka Zyrtec) like breath mints to someone … [Read More...]


Waterford, Conn, joins cities with fragrance bans

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Sniffing season opens!

The Daily Smell launches into the digital world hoping to do for regular, everyday aroms what Luca Turin did for fancy perfumes in his … [Read More...]