Miniature milk chocolate bar

I found a few pieces of leftover Halloween candy sitting in a bowl next to a toothpick holder at our favorite neighborhood restaurant. We were coming in for dinner and waiting for a table.

Sour milk connects baby vomit with the aroma of the most popular milk chocolate bar.

I picked up a miniature milk chocolate bar. It’s an iconic American brand with a town named after it. Anyway, it’s been years since I’ve held one of these milk chocolate bars. My taste swerved long ago to the super dark with real cocoa butter kind of chocolates.

I pulled off the small sleeve and unwrapped the foil. There was an instant aroma of chocolate, nothing exotic, but with enough fruit and smoke to be convincing.

A deeper whiff revealed sour milk, exactly like baby vomit. Not particularly offensive, but also not something I’d want to eat.

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  1. Some of the smells you can detect are way beyond my nose’s capabilities, but this one (the sour milk) I can smell. I enjoy reading your blog!

  2. That iconic chocolate has the exact same effect on me. Baby vomit sums it up perfectly. My son had a bar of it the other day and he couldn’t understand why I was horrified to see him eat it. Smells just like something regurgitated.


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