Fake Christmas scent tree leaves a waxy coating


Fake scents make the fake xmas tree smell like the real thing, but all I got was a waxy coating on my tongue.

I’ve been on smellcation for almost a week now, and I’m starting to wonder about what else I want to do while I can’t smell a darn thing.

Last night my husband needed to run an errand at a nearby retail chain store that sells bedding and bathroom stuff. I normally avoid the store like the olfactory plague, and I surprised him when I volunteered to go along. I walked through the automatic front doors into what I knew was a minefield of artificial scents — faux pine on the plastic xmas trees, cans of flocking perfume on display next to the fake trees, factory finishing spray on the sheets and towels, and myriad air fresheners in every pump and squirt device imaginable. But all I came away with was a weird waxy coating on my tongue. Didn’t smell a thing.

So I’m increasingly tempted to see what else I can handle. Perhaps I’ll use the remainder of my smellcation to go to the mall, eat in cheap Italian restaurants, clean out the storage bins in the garage, take a load of household rubbish to the dump, rake the compost bin, ride in a few airplanes and maybe visit New York City.

If my liver could tolerate it, I’d be toasting in solidarity with a glass of scotch to my amazing father-in-law, who lost his sense of smell years ago in a chemical accident. He enjoys scotch because it’s one of the few drinks with an odor strong enough that he can detect — even if that odor is of bandaids.

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  1. Exactly! Scotch smells like Band aids. I thought I was the only one…


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