Scentinelle, where are you?

Dear Scentintelle,

I’m back from vacation, but you’re not. Where are you? Are you coming back?

Without you, life is dull. There is so much that I miss. All of those smells! So much complexity and surprise – truly a gift. I am changed because of you. I no longer judge smells as harshly, and instead, I have learned to discern. I have also realized that what smells “good” to most people results from the combination of our emotions and experiences. Our reactions to smells are not hardwired. We can learn, or unlearn, our preferences. We can adapt.

It’s also true that possessing a superpower sense of smell created some awkward, even painful moments, when you showed me things about other people that they didn’t want me to know. Sometimes I even wished you away so I could be “normal” again. But you revealed a whole new world of texture and aroma that I’d never known. I feel now like the kid who’s been on a magical adventure only to wake up in my boring bedroom, alone.

I knew when I got the surgery to fix my septum that I risked losing you. I don’t regret going through with it, if only to protect my heart from damage in the long run. But now my heart hurts in another way: grief at your loss.

It’s increasingly a long shot that you’ll come back, but please, find me again if you can. I’ll keep going on this blog in your honor. However, I am going to change its direction to better meet the interests of the community that gathers here.

Your hapless human,

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