Halifax celebrates 20 years fragrance free

The Queen Elizabeth II Hospital in Halifax, Nova ScotiaIn 2011 Halifax marks its 20th anniversary as the first city in North America to go fragrance free at work. The idea started in a local hospital and spread to other businesses. Now an entire generation of young people has grown up without wearing scented beauty and body products in public spaces.

Brenda Marsh is the former director of occupational health services at the QEII Hospital in Halifax, Nova Scotia. She and her group developed and implemented North America’s first fragrance-free policy for a hospital in 1991 and went on to do the same for the entire city of Halifax, including a voluntary ban on scented products in public schools, libraries and buses. Now voluntary anti-fragrance policies are the norm in most workplaces, churches, schools and public spaces in the entire province of Nova Scotia. Marsh’s policies serve as the original model.

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