Portland now first US city to voluntarily ban fragrance

fragrance is a common ingredient in most consumer productsThe city council of Portland, OR,on February 24  passed a fragrance-free policy that discourages public workers from wearing scented products to work. The ban effectively makes Portland the first city in the U.S. to voluntarily create with fragrance-free public spaces. The action is voluntary, meaning that if someone wears aftershave or perfume, they won’t be fired on the spot. Instead a supervisor will take disciplinary action that could include making a note in the worker’s permanent file. It’s a three-strikes system wherein three fragrance offenses means the employee could be fired. The city council has also asked citizens visiting and using public spaces to limit their use of scented products. The types of products covered by the ban include perfume, aftershave, scented deodorant, scented lotion and fragranced shampoo.

Detroit was the first city in the US to establish a fragrance-free policy in 2010, but it did so because of legal action (read the backstory here).

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  1. This is fantastic! *move to Portland*