Biodegradable bags reek of formaldehyde

dog-poop-bagI took my dogs over the our neighborhood dog park and pulled a couple of bags from the dispenser to pick up their poop. The bags are dark green and have the word “biodegradable” printed in large block letters on one side. There are also small arrows printed above the letters so dog owners know which end opens.

My dog poops, and I open the bag. The odor that comes wafting out smells like glue, specifically the kind of glue that seals together cheap, pressed plywood furniture from big box retail stores. The bag also has a slightly acrid smell that reminded me of my high school biology lab, where I had to dissect an earthworm. The teacher tweezered out preserved specimens to pairs of students, and I sat stunned by the odor. By the time I left class 50 minutes later, my nose felt singed. This is how these supposedly biodegradable dog poop bags smelled today: formaldehyde. I guess by biodegradable the manufacturer means it won’t sit intact in a landfill for 500 years, but the term means nothing about the impact of the chemicals in the bags on the environment.

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