Smell-O-Vision coming to TV and gaming


Scented entertainment has been a dream for decades, and formally flopped in 1960 with the release in movie theaters of AromaRama and Scent-O-Vision. But the dream has lived on and may now find its way to TV.

A collaboration between materials science researchers at the University of California San Diego and Samsung has shown that it’s possible to create a small device that mounts to the TV and squirts small amounts of hot aroma oil out to the 30-centimenter range, according to their article published in this month’s edition of the chemistry research journal Angewandte Chemie. That distance is enough for a coffee company or a perfume maker to advertise their products directly to your brain. But the scientists have yet to create the prototype, according to the article on

On February 11 the Japanese company, Scent Sciences Corporation, released its version of Smell-O-Vision for video games. The prototype device shown at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, NV, plugs into a USB port and releases up to 20 aromas, including pine, ocean and smoke. The company was looking for investors and developers at the trade show and says the device will be released by the end of 2011, according to

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