Can fragrance change lives?

A new cartoon video series called “Making Scents” produced by IFRA (the International Fragrance Association North America) simplifies how fragrances are made and tested for safety. The narrator gushes toward the end about the value of fragrances and suggests that they may even change lives. What do you think? Did your perfume or shampoo land you a marriage proposal or three? Here at The Daily Smell, we’d love to hear how fragrance has impacted your life. You can post your comments below.

Click here for the IFRA video.

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  1. So, onto the first candle effort. The wax was melted in a big pot on the hob in the kitchen (oh yes, we had all the gear – several pots and a couple of thermometers!!) to the temperatures specified on the websites we’d found. Next the fragrance was added to the wax in the pot at the percentages we’d found found on various websites. Finally we allowed the resultant steaming fluid to cool to the appropriate temperature (you’ve guessed it – as found via our friend and yours – Google). Then, we poured it.