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I am a freelance journalist turned digital media geek. My work has appeared in The New York Times, Science, Nature, Nature Medicine, and Hana Hou!, the inflight magazine of Hawaiian Airlines. I am also a fellow of the Knight Digital Media Center, where I learned the ins and outs of digital media. Visit my website for more information.

Sniffing worn t-shirts to find a date

Finding a date based on scent chemistry is the goal of a new trend in dating mixers, called "pheremone parties." The party starts like any other where singles turn up for drinks and chit chat, hoping to meet someone special. The catch is that each person must bring a bagged t-shirt he or she has … [Read more...]

Can fragrance change lives?

A new cartoon video series called "Making Scents" produced by IFRA (the International Fragrance Association North America) simplifies how fragrances are made and tested for safety. The narrator gushes toward the end about the value of fragrances and suggests that they may even change lives. What do … [Read more...]

Fragrance makes nightclubbers party harder

Music and lights are the typical mood modifiers found in nightclubs, but fragrances improve patrons moods, perception of a club and may inspire them to dance more, according to a recent study from the University of Delft in the Netherlands reported on UPI.com. The fragrances tested by the scientists … [Read more...]

Aromatic map of stinkiest block in NYC

What's that stink? is the question that writer Molly Young asks of two olfactory experts, Chandler Burr and Avery Gilbert, as they sniff around the Lower East Side on Broome Street between Allen and Eldridge, the area she calls the smelliest block in New York City. The humorous results were … [Read more...]

Do scented candles cause harm?

Are scented candles harmful? A recent study suggests that cheaper candles made from paraffin wax, a by-product of the petroleum industry, emit volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which may trigger asthma and allergy attacks, according to The Daily Mail. … [Read more...]

Name the losing sense

This is purely hypothetical, but what if you knew you were going to lose one sense as you get older and you could choose it now? Which sense would you pick to lose? … [Read more...]

Dogs sniff differences in identical twins

When parents and DNA tests can't tell twins apart, a highly trained German Shepherd might be able to, according to an online article in National Geographic. … [Read more...]

Smell impacts first impression

Do your hands smell like onions? Flowers? Nothing at all? Smell manipulates mood, and therefore, influences a first impression, which might be critical for a job interview or business meeting, according to researchers Nicole Hovis and Theresa White of Le Moyne College in Syracuse, N.Y. Details about … [Read more...]

Waterford, Conn, joins cities with fragrance bans

Policies limiting or banning the use of fragrance is a growing policy trend that we've been following closely. Today Waterford, Conn, joins Portland, Oreg, and Detroit, Mich, in asking people to refrain from wearing perfume or cologne into Town Hall, according to Waterford's Patch.com. Robert M. … [Read more...]

Most Fragrant Rose reveals deeper truth about smell

[smooth=id:1;] Portland, OR - In a mall in Northeast Portland sits an indoor ice rink about the size of a basketball court. When I walked in there was no ice but instead dozens of long tables draped in white cloth supporting what I'd journeyed to see: roses. Specifically, there were over 4,000 … [Read more...]