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I am a freelance journalist turned digital media geek. My work has appeared in The New York Times, Science, Nature, Nature Medicine, and Hana Hou!, the inflight magazine of Hawaiian Airlines. I am also a fellow of the Knight Digital Media Center, where I learned the ins and outs of digital media. Visit my website for more information.

Smell-O-Vision coming to TV and gaming


Scented entertainment has been a dream for decades, and formally flopped in 1960 with the release in movie theaters of AromaRama and Scent-O-Vision. But the dream has lived on and may now find its way to TV. A collaboration between materials science researchers at the University of California San … [Read more...]

Biodegradable bags reek of formaldehyde


I took my dogs over the our neighborhood dog park and pulled a couple of bags from the dispenser to pick up their poop. The bags are dark green and have the word "biodegradable" printed in large block letters on one side. There are also small arrows printed above the letters so dog owners know which … [Read more...]

What will 10 billion people smell like?

The United Nations released last week a new forecast of world population for 2100: 10.1 billion people, that's 1.1 billion people more than previous estimates. So many human bodies on planet earth beg the question: What will 10.1 billion people smell like? One word: Horrific. Current trends … [Read more...]

Signs of an olfactory comeback

I have all but given up on my fierce olfactory sense returning. But then something strange happened. I was on an airplane a few days ago, and I could smell that a woman seated a several rows behind me was wearing Herbal Essences shampoo. I could also smell that the toddler seated in the aisle across … [Read more...]

Man lost smell, then taste

Jason Feifer lost his sense of smell as a child, and shortly afterward, his sense of taste. To him, "vanilla is chocolate is peanut butter is custard." He shows us what it's like to dine in a resturant without these senses at Men's Health. … [Read more...]

Contraceptives erase natural odor signals

There is a growing body of evidence that suggests birth control pills and other chemically-based contraceptives erase natural odor signals that help primates select a mate. Now it appears that both men and women are effected, according to a blog entry by Shirley Wang at WSJ.com … [Read more...]

Science Daily: Training improves sense of smell


Most people with a great sense of smell aren't born with it. Rather, they learn … [Read more...]

NYTimes: Zinc nasal spray may harm smell


Users of a popular cold remedy have reported damage to the sense of smell, and … [Read more...]

Island Scene: Smell loss important signal


A loss of sense of smell could signal a more serious health condition, such as … [Read more...]

NGT Real Travel: Smell makes better memories


One way to make travel more memorable is by paying more attention to … [Read more...]