Sniffing worn t-shirts to find a date

Finding a date based on scent chemistry is the goal of a new trend in dating mixers, called "pheremone parties." The party starts like any other where singles turn up for drinks and chit chat, hoping to meet someone special. The catch is that each person must bring a bagged t-shirt he or she has … [Read more...]

Can fragrance change lives?

A new cartoon video series called "Making Scents" produced by IFRA (the International Fragrance Association North America) simplifies how fragrances are made and tested for safety. The narrator gushes toward the end about the value of fragrances and suggests that they may even change lives. What do … [Read more...]

Most Fragrant Rose reveals deeper truth about smell

[smooth=id:1;] Portland, OR - In a mall in Northeast Portland sits an indoor ice rink about the size of a basketball court. When I walked in there was no ice but instead dozens of long tables draped in white cloth supporting what I'd journeyed to see: roses. Specifically, there were over 4,000 … [Read more...]