Do scented candles cause harm?

Are scented candles harmful? A recent study suggests that cheaper candles made from paraffin wax, a by-product of the petroleum industry, emit volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which may trigger asthma and allergy attacks, according to The Daily Mail. … [Read more...]

Island Scene: Smell loss important signal


A loss of sense of smell could signal a more serious health condition, such as … [Read more...]

Some prescription medicines dim sense of smell


Some of the most common medications used by Americans cause zinc deficiency, including: the blood pressure medicines, called ACE inhibitors; loop diuretics used to treat cardiovascular problems; cholestyramine, which binds to bile acids and lowers cholesterol; oral contraceptives; stomach acid … [Read more...]

Sniffing season opens!

The Daily Smell launches into the digital world hoping to do for regular, everyday aroms what Luca Turin did for fancy perfumes in his guide: put smells into words and context. Here we go! … [Read more...]