Dogs sniff differences in identical twins

When parents and DNA tests can't tell twins apart, a highly trained German Shepherd might be able to, according to an online article in National Geographic. … [Read more...]

Black spray paint

My neighbor three doors down repainted their metal gates this weekend with black spray paint. It was a sunny afternoon, and I had my lanai door open. An acrid aroma wafted into my living room and found its way into my brain. Before I could act, I was instantly transported to my grandparents's musty … [Read more...]

Decaf coffee surprise

Riddle: What do decaf coffee and skunk musk have in common? Answer: High concentrations of mercaptans Shuffling through a major health food store, I turn down the coffee aisle and pass the open bins of beans. I always swing through for the nose candy before I hit the check out. But this time I … [Read more...]

Hello, world.

The Scentinelle

My name is Genevive Bjorn, a nerdy science reporter. But that's just my day job. You see, I have a secret power that I hide from most people around me, a power of olfaction that I sometimes find hard to control. Call me the Scentinelle. It all started in August 2009 when I went to the Amazon … [Read more...]

Sniffing season opens!

The Daily Smell launches into the digital world hoping to do for regular, everyday aroms what Luca Turin did for fancy perfumes in his guide: put smells into words and context. Here we go! … [Read more...]