Fallen leaves

I was walking along a sidewalk when I came across a deep pile of fallen leaves. It was deep enough that my shoes were swallowed completely. I bent down and scooped up a handful of earth-toned leaves. Maple or Oak, I'm not sure which, or maybe both. I breathed in deep. This scene burst to mind: hay … [Read more...]

What the fig?

A neighbor invited me to a potluck dinner. I arrive, armed with a veggie stir fry and curious what my new neighbors like to eat. The hostess explains that most of the produce at this evening's fete comes from a nearby organic farm. I glance down the long folding table: plates of styled fruits and … [Read more...]

Sniffing a friend’s new house

If only the walls could talk. A friend recently bought a new house. She invites me over to sniff around, check the place out and make sure the clean up crew did a proper job. I reluctantly agree to dispatch the Scentinelle to the scene; not everyone really wants to know. My first stop is the … [Read more...]

Decaf coffee surprise

Riddle: What do decaf coffee and skunk musk have in common? Answer: High concentrations of mercaptans Shuffling through a major health food store, I turn down the coffee aisle and pass the open bins of beans. I always swing through for the nose candy before I hit the check out. But this time I … [Read more...]


Mishu and I visit a nursing home, and he tugs me toward the bed of an elderly woman. He sidles up to her and gently rests his chin near her frail hand. She sizes up his wolf-cub face and then smiles tenderly at him. She palms his fluffy head a few times. She looks up at me with cloudy blue … [Read more...]