NYTimes: Zinc nasal spray may harm smell


Users of a popular cold remedy have reported damage to the sense of smell, and … [Read more...]

Lose smell, keep taste


When we're sick with stuffy noses, we don't smell or taste much of anything. This experience forms the basis for a common misconception that if we lose our sense of smell, we also lose our sense of taste. But a group of researchers studying the effect of smell on taste have reached a different … [Read more...]

Twenty year old blue carpet

I walked into a university classroom about five minutes early for a public lecture. I found a seat in the back and plunked down into a creaky armchair. The room was nearly full of students, many of whom had removed their shoes and were wiggling their toes into the well-worn speckled blue carpet. I … [Read more...]

Citrus cleaner

The lime tree potted in my front yard has started to bare fruit. I picked a ripe lime and carried it to my kitchen for squeezing into a soup. On the way I scratched the rind with my thumb and delighted at its bright, sunny aroma. Later in the day I was cleaning my kitchen with a citrus cleanser. It … [Read more...]

Gummy worm breath

I meet an 8-year-old girl today in her school classroom. As we chat about the sparkly stickers on her shirt, I can't help but notice her breath. It's awful. Smells like she'd eaten something resembling a snicker's bar for dinner and gummy candy for breakfast, without brushing her teeth in between. … [Read more...]