Name the losing sense

This is purely hypothetical, but what if you knew you were going to lose one sense as you get older and you could choose it now? Which sense would you pick to lose? … [Read more...]

Miniature milk chocolate bar

I found a few pieces of leftover Halloween candy sitting in a bowl next to a toothpick holder at our favorite neighborhood restaurant. We were coming in for dinner and waiting for a table. I picked up a miniature milk chocolate bar. It's an iconic American brand with a town named after it. … [Read more...]

Jasmine bliss

At breakfast this morning, I opened a new tin of organic jasmine pearl green tea. Bliss! Sipping and sniffing the brew, I inoculated myself for the day against other people’s bad moods. What is it about the fragrance of jasmine that is so intoxicating? I decided to look it up. Perhaps not … [Read more...]


Walking the dogs after lunch we stroll  past a diner not far from where we live. It's the kind of place that serves meatloaf and mashed potatoes for breakfast. I glance inside. It's populated with men and women parked in slick booths in front of heaping plates smothered in gravy. Outside on the … [Read more...]

A cat and crème brulee

[SlideDeck id='187' width='100%' height='300px'] My husband, Adam, went away for a week to a work conference, and when he came home, I stood blocking the front door. I sniffed him up and down, along with our dogs. I couldn’t help myself. He carried so many aromas! The most glaring odor was … [Read more...]

Hello, world.

The Scentinelle

My name is Genevive Bjorn, a nerdy science reporter. But that's just my day job. You see, I have a secret power that I hide from most people around me, a power of olfaction that I sometimes find hard to control. Call me the Scentinelle. It all started in August 2009 when I went to the Amazon … [Read more...]