Jasmine bliss

At breakfast this morning, I opened a new tin of organic jasmine pearl green tea. Bliss! Sipping and sniffing the brew, I inoculated myself for the day against other people’s bad moods. What is it about the fragrance of jasmine that is so intoxicating? I decided to look it up. Perhaps not … [Read more...]

How does the olfactory sense work?

smell receptor image

You breathe in deep, and you might get a whiff of shampoo or maybe stale coffee breath on the person next to you. It's the kind of information that the brain just registers. So how, exactly, does the sense of smell work? Our noses are equipped with special receptors located in a small area at the … [Read more...]

Red light

It’s almost dark as I walk the dogs around the neighborhood. A light rain has just started to drip. It smells like it’s falling from a hot, dusty sky located way up above the cloud cover I’ve been under all day. I’ve spent enough time above the clouds staring out airplane windows that it’s easy to … [Read more...]

Hello, world.

The Scentinelle

My name is Genevive Bjorn, a nerdy science reporter. But that's just my day job. You see, I have a secret power that I hide from most people around me, a power of olfaction that I sometimes find hard to control. Call me the Scentinelle. It all started in August 2009 when I went to the Amazon … [Read more...]

Sniffing season opens!

The Daily Smell launches into the digital world hoping to do for regular, everyday aroms what Luca Turin did for fancy perfumes in his guide: put smells into words and context. Here we go! … [Read more...]